Similar Tickets – How Can This Feature Help You In Supporting Your Customers?

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“…it would be great if it were possible to merge tickets that were similar, instead of just resolving as a duplicate or creating links between them; especially if the comments from the source ticket could be added to the target ticket, and any future requests for the source ticket redirecting to the merged ticket containing all the comments…”

“…I often get users creating new tickets to tell me more information about already existing ones. I have to copy/paste info into the existing ticket, and then close the new one. Would be nice to have a merge and close button…”

Sounds similar? Yes, these are a few common statements that developers post in discussion forums or help desks of the SDLC management tools or ALM tools that they use. BootStrapToday, which is also an SDLC Management tool, now offers Similar Tickets feature, which can solve such issues of similar tickets and save your time. Similar Tickets can accelerate your customer support quite a bit by addressing customers’ queries faster.

Many organizations today use third party chat clients like SnapEngage or GetSatisfaction or any other email/chat support tool to engage the visitors on their websites. You or your organization might be using one to ensure high customer conversion ratio from the organic traffic. Now, if you are a BootStrapToday user, every project in your account gets a unique email id. If you want to treat any project as support project, then you can configure your support project’s email id with any of the chat/email support tools that you are using on your website with the BootStrapToday email interface. Doing this will create tickets in your support project for all the requests from your customers.

This advantage extends into Similar Tickets feature of BootStrapToday to resolve the issue of following up separately with the tickets that are similar in nature (queries). Here is a snapshot of how it works:

  1. Similar Tickets is an intelligent feature which checks for more than 30% similarity of new tickets with the tickets already in the system.
  2. If a new ticket is 30% similar, then it gets the component of the most similar ticket.
  3. If the component exists, then it assigns the same component to the new ticket created into the system.
  4. Based on the component, the system automatically assigns the ticket to the component owner.
  5. If the component does not exist, then the new ticket is assigned to the project admin.
  6. The project admin can assign proper component to the ticket, which automatically gets assigned to component owner, and a notification email is sent to the assignee.

So, you see, all the queries can be intelligently managed and tracked inside BootStrapToday itself. This process automates lot of repetitive work for support team and leaves no chance of missing on valuable customer queries.

Every new ticket that is created from a customer query will most likely have a similar ticket associated with it already in the system. The new ticket will have links to the similar tickets associated with it, which can be used as a reference point by the user for generating comments. The support team can view the responses given to the customers earlier. This makes it easy for them to respond to the customers quickly based on similar responses.

An important point to note here is that if you see many similar tickets being generated, then you get an idea of some issues/problems early on and you may want to fix those issues quickly based on the customer comments.

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