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New feature – Automatically create Current/Backlog milestone and default components

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Today we released set of features, which will help you in planning, prioritizing task and automating your ticket workflow. 1) Current/Backlog Milestones Why do I need Backlog milestone? At the start of project, you need a place (or a milestone) … Continued

5 Ways to Think Like an Entrepreneur in Your Project Management Role


Being an entrepreneur is one, and having entrepreneurial spirit is another. While not everyone can become an entrepreneur, they can surely harbor the entrepreneurial spirit, and go to work with the same spirit. Today’s era is changing. Agile SDLC is … Continued

Human Factors in Distributed Agile Teams

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 Image source: Doing business in today’s world means accepting the fact that distributed teams cannot be avoided. Agile manifesto values individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Accordingly, Agile recommends having collocated teams. But it is often unavoidable for … Continued