Feature : Add Time Log on Past Dates

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Sometimes a customer tells you to work on something immediately or you think of some new exciting feature and start prototyping it. The next day you realize that there is no ticket for the work. Hence you add a ticket. However you cannot add the time spent the previous day on that ticket because there was a restriction that you cannot add time for past dates. Also you could log time only if the ticket was currently assigned to you.

Since many users have encountered this problem, some time or the other, therefore we have modified the time logging functionality to allow adding time log for the past dates also. So, here is what it will allow you to do:

1. You can now log time if a ticket was assigned to you now or in the past or you if you are a participant of that ticket.

2. You can select the date on which you want to add the ticket. If a time log of the same date and user exists, then the new one is added to the existing time log. Otherwise a new time log entry is created.

To log the time on a specific ticket,

1. Go to the ‘Ticket’ (from my tickets, project-> tickets etc.)

2. Go to ‘Timelog’ tab

3. Click on ‘Add Time’. A time logging dialog box like the one below will appear.

4. You can now select the date in the date field (marked in blue rectangle).

5. You can also log time in different formats. For example, to log 1 hour 20 minutes, you can use “1:20″, “1h20m”, “80m” etc.

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