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Many times you want to know ‘what is my contribution’ to project. How many bugs did I fix, how many wiki pages did I edit, and how many code commits did I complete?  BootStrapToday now has a useful feature to track each user’s contribution to a project. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to ‘Project Menu’ on the navigation bar and select a project.
  2. Go to ‘Users‘.
  3. Select a user.

The user details page in the right pane will display two sections – “Current Assignments” and “Contributions“.

Current assignments section shows the user’s current role in the project, component ownerships assigned to him and tickets assigned to him.

Contributions section shows the user’s contribution to the project – how many tickets he/she created, resolved and closed, how many revisions he/she committed, and how many wiki pages he/she created and edited.

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