Feature Announcement – Gantt Chart Report Released


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A Gantt Chart is an excellent way to display and communicate project plan. It

  • Helps you to plan the tickets that need to be completed in the given milestone.
  • Gives you a basis for scheduling when these tasks will be carried out.
  • Allows you to plan the allocation of resources needed to complete the milestone and project.

When a project is under way, Gantt Chart helps you to monitor the progress of the milestone.

In 4.0 Release, we have added support for “Gantt Chart View” under Reports & Charts section.

Tickets are grouped by users and displayed in the “Gantt Chart View“. A ticket can be your task, feature, bug, or review task.  Color coding is applied based on the priority of the tickets. For each user, tickets assigned to him in other projects are displayed in a separate row to quickly find out free time for the user across projects.

Currently “Gantt Chart View” is ‘read only’ view. In the next release we will add ‘drag and drop’ functionality for scheduling. 

Question: I already have tickets in my existing project. Why are they not displayed in the Gantt Chart View?

Answer: To enable Gantt chart, we have added ‘Start Date’ on TicketAfter this enhancement on tickets, older project will still not have a ‘Start Date’.  That is why they will not show up on the Gantt Chart. You will need to edit older tickets and assign a ‘Start Date’ explicitly to see them in the Gantt Chart.

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