3 Disruptive Impacts on Project Management by 3 Disruptive Forces

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The invasion of social media network and penetration of smart phones and other sophisticated mobile devices have created a behavioral shift in our social dynamics, which we all are aware of. These two disruptive concepts are powerful enough in their own capacity. They are now getting further support from the third disruptive force – the Cloud Computing, which is gradually paving way for them to enter the work places also. These three disruptive forces are together bringing the change in the way we work.

In the light of the above facts, you have to view project management too in a different light – you have to gear up for Project Management 2.0. In fact, these three forces play endogenously with each other and present a multiplier effect to actually give a 3×3 grid of multiple effects on project management.

In the wake of these changes, in this piece I will highlight a few impacts that the project managers of yesteryears will face.

Impact #1 – Managing virtual teams:

The need for getting the best resources on board a team has boosted the culture of distributed teams. To a great extent this has been successful, thanks to the availability of collaborative platforms and the ease with which people collaborate and communicate due to the social media culture. Moreover, a few researches prove that the secret to productive team collaboration is individuality. Under these circumstances, you will not be able to avoid virtual project management.

And what is virtual project management without a smart SaaS-based project management platform? The robustness of cloud computing has made this feasible. We take pride in showcasing our platform – BootStrapToday – for this purpose. BootStrapToday helps you achieve project management success with virtual teams.

Impact #2 – Managing projects under BYOD:

People’s love for their own smart mobile devices, and a growing habit of choosing their own devices to work with enterprise applications and access data, has forced corporates to rethink on their policies about allowing their employees to use their own devices to connect to the corporate networks. BYOD is a formal program in many corporates today. So, the second important impact that project management will face is to do project management under a BYOD program.

Impact #3 – Managing a project team with varied cultural backgrounds:

The need to get the best talents does not restrict corporates to any particular geographical region. Also, the SaaS-based solutions make distributed team management a reality. When you reach out to different working zones, you will also face the challenge of managing different working cultures in your single project team. This is another very big impact that the project managers of Project Management 2.0 era will face.

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