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Some New Features : User Contribution, Delayed Tickets Filters, etc.

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Last weekend we added some new and useful features as requested by our users. Here’s the list: User Contribution Filters for Delayed/Overdue Tickets Add Time Log on Past Dates Check out the new features and keep sending your suggestions. Just … Continued

Top 5 BootStrapToday Features to improve developer productivity

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We have designed BootStrapToday to improve team productivity, mainly for software development teams.  Hence our focus is to offer ‘Automation’ and ‘Intelligence’.  To that end, BootStrapToday has some unique features.  We ourselves use BootStrapToday to plan/develop newer versions of BootStrapToday (basically eat … Continued

How to detect duplicate tickets in BootStrapToday?

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Did you know it’s very easy to detect duplicate tickets in BootStrapToday? Consider a scenario where Anand (anandagar, Project Admin) , Ajeet(ajeetk, QA), Nilesh (nilesh, developer), and Amar (amar, developer) are member of project “Git Management”. Ajeet while testing functionality … Continued