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How to Fix Project Management Headaches in One Quick Way

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While looking for the top project management headaches, I came across a very interesting article - 3 Project Management Headaches and How to Fix Them by Dr. Andrew Makar. This article captures the top three project management headaches, and also suggests … Continued

3 Disruptive Impacts on Project Management by 3 Disruptive Forces

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The invasion of social media network and penetration of smart phones and other sophisticated mobile devices have created a behavioral shift in our social dynamics, which we all are aware of. These two disruptive concepts are powerful enough in their … Continued

Risk Management in Agile Projects


Risk management is one of the nine knowledge areas of project management. According to PMBoK, Risk Management has a typical process flow starting from risk management planning, risk identification, qualitative risk analysis, quantitative risk analysis, risk response planning, and risk … Continued